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Weddings and celebrations

Terms and price list for weddings and social events

The experienced hotel team has put together a selection of the best and favourite meals for your special day.
Choose the food according to your own preferences

  • We offer non-alcoholic beverages at a 10 % discount with selected meals.
  • If you decide to purchase the alcoholic beverages offered by the hotel, we offer you a 20 % discount on all the services.

Price list for other services
(minimum price for the ordered services is € 30 / person)

  • Hire and rental € 2.50 - € 3.50 / person
  • elastic chair covers with a decorative ribbon
  • tablecloths, tippets or table runners (various materials)
  • candlesticks
  • voile for the main table (6-12 people)
  • artificial flowers in vases
  • candles (arranging and decoration)
  • non-woven napkins (40 x 40 cm, arranging and decoration)
  • Rental of the room for storage of gifts for guests: € 50 / day
  • Once you make an official reservation, the € 200 advance is non-refundable.

Free services for the newlyweds

  • Help and advice with the wedding planning.
  • Lounge rental.
  • The space is rented till 2 a.m., afterwards there is a payment of € 20 / hour for the waiting staff.
  • Traditional welcome for the newlyweds (toast, breaking of the plate, sweeping of the shards).
  • Taking photographs at the hotel park.
  • If the rules concerning weddings and social events are followed, you will receive lodging at a reduced price.

Maximum amount of guests: 80 people

Area of the room: 150 m²
Proportions of the room (length x width x height): 13,5 x 11 x 8 m

Sitting options

Lounge and conference rooms

Rental of conference room and lounge 1 20,00 €
½ day 120,00 €
1 day 200,00 €
Hire of technological eqiupment 1 day 50,00 €